Monday, February 2, 2015


This blog is a resource list of many of the animal rescue and advocacy organizations ... both near and far ... that I personally know about.  If you're reading this post, I welcome you and your interest in our fellow-travelers the animals and the planet on which we all reside.  

Some of these organizations help specific animal species and some organizations are "generalists", striving to help all animals.

Please feel free to send me comments,  reference notes, or your own personal animal rescue story.

To stay current on various pro-animal issues, your best bet is to establish a rapport with an organization that is actively aware of legislative news; many of these organizations also lobby on behalf of animals.  So in my next post, I'll list organizations.

Also gracing this page will be animal pictures ... and some quotes by wise people.  I'll add one of my own quotes here too:  "We are all in the same cosmic canoe" ... Clara Landau.    

One additional note regarding the organization list in my next post -- the date I originally set up the blog appears as the post date, although I continually update/edit the list on dates that are current.

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